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Release: 2011-07-28

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Link [ 2011 ]



Posted by Gavin Ebert

Rating  :  0.0

Year  :   2011

Duration  :   1h 45m

Lee Jae-hyun, the protagonist of “Link”, has a sister who is in a coma. He spends his life wishing to see his sister come back to life however his hope eventually dies out. While grief stricken Lee meets an attractive girl, Su-jeong, through his trusted friend, Gu Seong-wu. Su-jeong and Jae-hyun not only build their friendship but they develop a link that let them share their five senses and even their thoughts. As the link gets stronger, Jae-hyun becomes ever more addicted to Su-jeong’s power. This infatuation with the link endangers Jae-hyun. Woody Han, the director, marks his debut for a full-length film with “Link.” Han shows how satisfying humans’ desires can be hazardou ...

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