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Go Home
Release: 2002-01-01

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Go Home [ 2002 ]


Go Home

Posted by Mariano Doyle

Rating  :  0.0

Year  :   2002

Duration  :   1h 42m

Go Home tells the story of an old Peking Opera master, Zhang Jin He (Liu Pei Qi of The Story of Qiu Ju), whose life changes when a young boy shows up on his doorstep. With blue eyes and vaguely foreign features, the boy is apparently the product of a mixed upbringing, and though the boy doesn't realize it, Zhang Jin He is his grandfather! Zhang Jin He initially tells the boy to go home because the boy brings him a painful reminder of his daughter, who left him to marry a foreigner. Still, others convince the aging Perking Opera master to take in the boy, and though they fight initially, the two eventually form a strong, quiet bond. But when the boy is called home, will either be willing to l ...

Cast : Liu Pei-Qi, Song Chunli, Chen Xiaoyi, Shu Fang, Bai Xue

Crew : Chengsheng Li

Genres : Drama

Production Companies : 

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