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Yokahama Mama
Release: 1972-12-24

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Yokahama Mama [ 1972 ]


Yokahama Mama

Posted by Ceasar Kreiger

Rating  :  5.0

Year  :   1972

Duration  :   12h 06m

Blue Racer finds out that the Japanese chicken in the local farm has laid an egg. Blue Racer wastes no time getting it. Unfortunatly, the egg's father is a champion fighting rooster and foiled his plans several times. In his final attempt, he trips the rooster, which, as a result, the egg rolled down to the ostrich farm. The rooster mistakes an ostrich egg as his and takes it home, only, it hatched. The chicken couple argues over it, in Japanese language. Blue Racer, watching the scene, tells the audience that this is the Be Kind to Egg week, "So take your egg out to dinner, or at breakfast."

Cast : Larry D. Mann, Mako

Crew : John Dunn, Gerry Chiniquy

Genres : Animation

Production Companies : DePatie-Freleng Enterprises (DFE).

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