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Tick Where It Hurts
Release: 2014-06-18

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Tick Where It Hurts [ 2014 ]


Tick Where It Hurts

Posted by Maxwell Veum

Rating  :  0.0

Year  :   2014

Duration  :   12h 19m

'Tick Where It Hurts' is an 18 minute long short film by Bertie Gilbert. It tells the story of a young musician (Guy) coming to terms with the suicide of his brother and musical partner (Eric) over the span of one long night. It is a psychological film that tells it's story through monologues, experimental looks into the past and intense character study. We watch as Guy, an incredibly logical and calculated person, tries to figure out and contemplate why his brother would do such a thing and whether or not he can continue making music without him. A film with many interesting shots and ideas, but never loses track of it's characters and it's message.

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